The Prestige City is located on Sarjapur road consisting of residential apartments, plotted development and retail spaces. It is situated in East Bengaluru with good connectivity to the rest of the city. Prestige Great Acres is a plotted layout within The Prestige City with a site area of around 80 acres. This Prestige development boasts a variety of plot sizes that cater to all requirements. The plotted development has a grand entrance with a 20M wide road, dedicated pedestrian zones and lush gardens that greet its residents. Three main entrances on all sides of the property make accessing the site convenient to all users.

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Lavish green spaces provide ample space to create a healthy natural environment. The elaborate pedestrian pathways with a green buffer space make a stroll through the community pleasant and safe. Almost all of the plots are oriented towards the east and the west with internal roads of a comfortable width of 12M and 9M depending on the varying on the requirements of the plots size. The carefully designed property which provides comfort and convenience to its residents puts The Prestige City’s plotted development in the forefront of community living. The various plots sizes that area available in the development are listed below.

Name Prestige Great Acres
Land Area 80+ Acres
RERA ID PRM/KA/RERA/1251/308/PR/210824/004289
Approval BMRDA
Development Type Plotted Development
Total No. of Plots 808 Units
Plots Sizes 09x12 Mts - 086 Plots
10x15 Mts - 145 Plots
10x18 Mts - 236 Plots
12x18 Mts - 006 Plots
15x18 Mts - 079 Plots
15x24 Mts - 037 Plots
Odd Dimensions - 229 Plots
Price On request
Location Sarjapur Road
Possession 2022

This Prestige Great Acres is now RERA Approved with the RERA ID: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/308/PR/210824/004289 . The property has a well-designed foundation and top-notch amenities. The amenities of Prestige Great Acres are top-notch, including a swimming pool, water bodies, and a gymnasium, among others. 20+ excellent facilities have been built within Prestige magnificent acres. Adults and children have separate swimming pools.

Those who live on these plots will be able to enjoy a private and comfortable existence. Comfort, luxury, and lifestyle are all included in these plots. An Amphitheatre are part of this well-designed community. Residents at Prestige Great Acres may enjoy a wide range of facilities. Residents of the property may expect a wealth of benefits from the facility's layout and design.

Kids Play Area at Prestige Great Acres


Many investors are interested in buying property on Sarjapur Road. In part, this is owing to a carefully constructed network of connections, as well as infrastructure. Sarjapur Road has a high demand for plots due to its excellent living conditions. Natural lake trees and other natural components give the region a new appearance. A lengthy outer ring road, state roads, and interstate highways allow for easy access to all parts of the city. In Sarjapur Road, plots come in a variety of sizes due to the large amount of accessible land space. For a 1200sft piece of land, the typical plot pricing ranges from 90 lakhs to 2.5 crores.

A large number of individuals from different regions of the nation have moved to Bangalore throughout the years. Many international firms and entrepreneurs chose it as a location to conduct business. In Bangalore, everyone is welcome, and the city is always open to newcomers. As a result, this prospective city is expanding its horizons in order to accommodate the additional population. There is no problem with people in Bangalore buying homes at the city's outskirts because there are so many projects taking place in those areas. There are also several IT corridors and connecting highways on the city's outskirts that connect other IT corridors.In this manner, residing in the suburbs of the city does not disappoint them in the slightest! Each and every one of the basics can be found within walking distance, and it's quite easy to get to other parts of the city. In terms of people moving in from other parts of the state and from out-of-state, the apartment culture has just been introduced. Many foreigners are unaware of Bangalore's culture, despite the city's abundance of skyscrapers.

Master Plan Prestige Great Acres


As much as owning land is an honour, investing in prestige city is a wise decision because of its magnificence and richness. Buying in Prestige City represents a dramatic change in lifestyle. With a Prestige City lot, it's your choice to create your own house. Owning land may increase in value and appreciation over time and become a legacy to be passed down to future generations. Apartments or flats are a popular investment for a large number of people. A land investment, on the other hand, offers a decent return and the chance to create a custom hose. For a dream house or an outstanding investment, Prestige City offers a variety of cheap and handy plots. In addition to being in a good position, plots in Prestige City offer easy access to excellent destinations, infrastructures, facilities, security and safety, as well as a prestigious lifestyle. Lot sizes vary, as do the extras. Prestige City's roads are well-connected, and all forms of transportation are readily available. An investment in a parcel of land here is valuable, and it is a question of royalty. Prestige City's proximity to IT centres has attracted a large number of IT professionals. Additionally, Sarjapur is extremely close to the Bangalore International Airport, and a line of the Namma Metro is scheduled to be extended here, and work is currently in phase II, attracting more employees to the area and attracting new businesses.

A gated community is a residential neighbourhood surrounded by a perimeter wall with highly regulated entrance points and restricted movement of cars within it. A community that has all the facilities inhabitants need to live a pleasant existence is what this is essentially. Securing your property in a gated community is one of the major benefits. It's fair to say that you and your family will always be protected by perimeter walls, restricted access and exit points and a highly-trained security staff on duty at all times as well as electronic surveillance of the entire neighbourhood. As a result of this 24/7 protection, no trespassers may intrude on your land, and your assets are protected at all times. In addition, buying land in a gated community fosters a strong sense of community, with inhabitants sharing many commonalities and feeling close to each other. Celebrating together and attending activities together enables members of the gated community form deep relationships. Investments in gated communities provide seclusion along with a strong feeling of community. When you live in a gated community, you have peace of mind knowing that only residents and confirmed guests will have entrance to the neighbourhood, protecting you from trespassers or unwelcome visitors. Another benefit of gated communities is that they give residents with a variety of facilities that make life easier for them. Also, living in a gated community is calm since there are no speeding cars or traffic jams because the traffic is restricted within the neighbourhood.

Pricing Prestige Great Acres

  • Only 086 Plots available
  • Individual recreational infrastructures for extra convenience
  • Wide-open spaces for an eco-friendly living experience
  • Only 145 Plots available.
  • Individual recreational infrastructures for extra convenience
  • Wide-open spaces for an eco-friendly living experience
  • Only 236 Plots available
  • Individual recreational infrastructures for extra convenience
  • Wide-open spaces for an eco-friendly living experience
  • Only 006 Plots available
  • Individual recreational infrastructures for extra convenience
  • Wide-open spaces for an eco-friendly living experience
  • Only 079 Plots available
  • Individual recreational infrastructures for extra convenience
  • Wide-open spaces for an eco-friendly living experience
  • Only 037 Plots available.
  • Individual parking slots for every villa
  • Diverse living spaces for alternatives to choose from
  • Wide-open spaces within individual villas for a sustainable living experience.
  • Only 229 Plots available.
  • Individual parking slots for every villa
  • Diverse living spaces for alternatives to choose from
  • Wide-open spaces within individual villas for a sustainable living experience.

The Great Acres Prestige is part of the mega-project. The Prestige City, the title given for the Prestige City project, The Great Acres. Residential plot is a key element for personal life in the real estate sector. The location of a lot plays a major influence in the purchase of a plot. Location is a key element defining the plot's significance. The designated site is composed of 900 parcels, which will be available for sale after the Prestige Great Acres is sold for the first time.

A couple hours away from numerous IT businesses lies Prestige Great Acres. It is close to numerous well-known institutions such as Orchids International School, Floretz Academy Pvt. Ltd., St Peters School and nine more educational institutions. This is a residential enclave. This facility is backed by well equipped institutions including the Colombia Asia Hospital, Dr. Levine Memorial Hospital and the Stanford Specialty Hospital.

Every person dedicatedly welcomes possessing an exquisite home. Unfortunately, for most house purchasers, these aspirations are always fantasy-like. It's generally because of a modest budget and sometimes because plots in a chosen area are not available. Now such purchasers have a fantastic chance to live their ideal lives in their dream home at Prestige Great Acres, on Sarjapur Road, Bangaalore. With Prestige Great Acres, customers have an outstanding possibility to realise their goal. Plots of Prestige Great Acres are also available at cheap pocket-friendly costs in various sizes.

In recent years there has been a rise in the demand for housing between house purchasers. The most selected choice between purchasers is residential plots. These plots are mainly due to the cheap cost availability of the flats and the zero risks of decreases and stagnations of the residential properties. In residential flats such hazards regularly occur.

Aerial View of Prestige Great Acres


In Prestige Great Acres, pocket-friendly plots will soon be accessible for immediate ownership, without further costs. More importantly, the purchaser will not have any monetary hardship if he investing the hard-earned money in the parcel of the Prestige Great Acres, as many loan options are given in projects of the Prestige Group. In Prestige Great Acres, buying a residential property is a safe and rewarding investment.

Several developing projects take place rapidly in its surroundings, for example malls, metro stations, roads, schools, workplaces and more. These initiatives provide inhabitants and relatives with a dazzling future in a relatively short amount of time. Buyers may easily pick from the Prestige Great Acres, Sarjapur Road, plots of different sizes. We will all agree that in comparison to already built flats residential plots have a greater market for selling.

Prestige Great Acres on Sarjapur Street offers plots to purchasers where their unique design and taste may construct a magnificent residence. Plan a visit to the Prestige Great Acres to select a parcel from a selection of well-known plots, from different sizes including 30*40, 30*50, 30*60, and 40*60.

East Entrance View of Prestige Great Acres


Prestige Acres Plots, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore is easily reached from Bangalore's main IT centers. It may be switched to Marathalli, Outer Ring Road, Whitefield, Koramangala, Electronic City, etc. Numerous IT workers are inspired by its location to invest in the Great Acres Prestige and to ensure the finest living. Purchasers can also receive advantageous leases here. Workplace surroundings, cheap pricing, arrangements, easy transit systems, etc. are essential aspects that increase the location's prestige. Prestigious schools, colleges, health centers, banks, cabins, retail shops and restaurants are in the town of Great Acres.

Prestige Great Acres is a beautiful building in Bangalore's best location. The name it is linked with, the Prestige Group, is South India's most credible real estate behemoth. By their timeliness and honesty towards the job, the Prestige Group has achieved that position. Don't miss the opportunity to build a place of your liking and enjoy top quality amenities on the Prestige Great Acres, Sarjapur Road.

The pricing of plots in Prestige Great Acres, depending on its size and choice, remains to be reported. The plots are provided by Prestige Great Acres, 30*40 sized plots, 30*50 size of the plot, 30*60 size of the plot, 40*60 size of the plot. There's no question that the housing plots in Prestige Great Acres are a great investment for your future generation.

Club House View of Prestige Great Acres


The ownership of the club house at Prestige Great Acres has been retained by the developer and is not a common facility. The site owners in the project shall be entitled to make use of these facilities on an availability basis and by paying user/usage charges as prescribed by the Developer. It shall be non-exclusive and the Developer shall be entitled to allow any persons to use the clubhouse including outsiders and non-site owners in the project. Seize this wonderful opportunity to train at Bangalore's finest location. In addition, a world-class range of amenities and services is coming shortly. Be prepared to build your own dream house in the picturesque greenery and surroundings of Prestige Great Acres, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Plan a trip and select the area and location from the size options offered on the Sarjapur Road, Prestige Great Acres.

The finest chance to construct your house depending on your taste and style is Prestige Great Acres. It's a valuable potential to form and live your ideal home. In addition, Prestige Great Acres offers several enticing offers for tenants' convenience.