The Prestige City Integrated Township Sarjapur

The Prestige City Here is the chance to purchase a Prestige Group House in East Bangalore's most wanted district. Prestige Smart City is a Prestige Group's Integrated Township project. The proposed "Prestige Smart City" or "The Prestige City", project is stretched across a large land area near East Bangalore's Sarjapur road. This residential development includes two, three, and four bedroom apartments, as well as luxury villas and plots. This hybrid residential development project is situated across a 180-acre area with plenty of greenery to make it a better place to live. This latest venture will provide magnificent facilities for living in Peace & Luxury.

The Prestige City Masterplan

The Prestige City Sarjapur Highlights

  • Project Location: Sarjapura, Dommasandra and easy acess to Electronic City, Whitefield, Sarjapur and Outer Ring Road .
  • Project Area : 168 Acres.
  • Project Type: Integrated Township.
  • Projct Varients: Plots, Villa's & Apartments.
  • Project Contractor : L&T Constructions.
  • Project Account : Prestige Estates Pvt Ltd
  • Commercial : Forum Mall, Office Space
  • Contsruction Type : Mivan

The Prestige City Great Acres logo
  • Development Type: Plotted
  • Land Area: 80 Acres
  • Total Units: 808 Units
The Prestige City Avalon Park logo
  • Development Type: Apartment
  • Land Area: 6.8 Acres
  • Total Units: 950 Units
The Prestige City Eden Park logo
  • Development Type: Apartment
  • Land Area: 9.7 Acres
  • Total Units: 2217 Units
The Prestige City Aspen Greens logo
  • Development Type: Twin Villa
  • Land Area: 20.3 Acres
  • Total Units: 149 Units
  • Development Type: Apartment
  • Land Area: N/A
  • Development Type: Apartment
  • Land Area: N/A
Integrated Township Sarjapur The Prestige City

The performance standards from the Prestige Group in Bangalore are the finest standards. RCC constructions are utilized for flooring purposes, utilizing precast technology for faster, safer delivery. The walls will be painted using premium external emulsion paints. As safety is the key issue, all entries and exits in the cabins are covered by a peripheral CCTV system, with a door video television and intercom system for all units. The developers' sustainability efforts include rainwater collecting, sequestration of water, organic waste converters, recycling of water.

Bangalore is not only colorful but ‘Bangalore’ is an emotion in itself. It is an affluent with IT giants stalling in series making it the most prominent nationally and internationally. It is a multi-cultural permeating beyond class, religion and language. We can see people from all walks of life. Urban life style is preferred and Bangaloreans also prefer such advanced quality life style with state of art comforts in living. The tastes and preferences are Smart City Sarjapur well comprehended by the realty developers around the locality who have arrived with extraordinary imperial residential projects which suits the prerequisites at Sarjapur City of the purchasers. Sarjapur Road, snuggled within the southeast part of Bengaluru, is one among the most well liked favorites for property investors Smart City Sarjapur. Sheltering buzzing IT corridors of the town, this location incorporates a tried record of high returns on property investments. For many, Investment in Bangalore on able to move flats at Smart City Sarjapur are preferred because it yields enormous profit in return. With the boom of the IT sector, there has been a large prosper in property development of each residential and commercial properties.

The fundamental features of the project include swimming pool, club house, multifunction hall, manicured gardens, playground for kids, gymnasium, health club and spa. Prestige City Sarjapur from Majestic along the major route to Sarjapur. Go to Gubbi Thotadappa from the magnificent to the south. Take the U-turn on the tank bund and take the 2nd exit on Seshadri in the circle of Sangolli Rayanna. Take third exit into Ruta Nrupathunga, take first exit on Kasturba at Kreishanrajendra Circle. Take the Devanga Samaja road straight now, go farther. Tower 4, turn left on Kalinga Rao road, HCG Cancer Hospital. The Prestige City is an iconic Prestige Constructions newly designed township project located on the Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. Prestige City will contain the greatest apartments, villas and plots in the mixed - use development of the Prestige Group.

Why to invest in Sarjapur Road?

Bangalore is a vibrant wonder town, and 'Bangalore' is a mood. It is a wealthy city with IT titans that stands out and make the city nationally and globally most renowned. It's a multicultural town that permeates class, religion and language. People from various walks of life can be seen. Urban life is favoured, and Bangaloreans also want the latest quality of life with state-of-the-art conveniences. The likes and preferences of property developers surrounding the town of Sarjapur are well understood and come here to meet the customers' requirements for extraordinarily imperial residential constructions.

Sarjapur Road has been one of the choices of real estate investors in the south-east region of Bengaluru. This area, which shelters the city's bustling IT corridors, contains a well-established record of excellent real estate investment returns. Many are chosen to invest in moving apartments on Sarjapur Road since in return this generates a huge profit. With the rise in the IT sector, each residential and business building on Sarjapur Road has made substantial progress in development.

Nokia is putting up its IT corridors with the advenance of renowned corporate giants like Accenture, Cisco, Wipro, HP, KPMG, and has been a quick expansion to further corporate companies, which has created its strong base in software. This gave rise to tremendous job possibilities surrounding these IT sites. Professional people appreciate the comfort and luxury of working in a leading firm nearby. Bangalore International Airdrome (BIAL) 1 hour and 55 minutes away.There will only be 15 kilometers away from the Majestic Bus Stand, the KSRTC Bus Stand and the metropolis town railway terminus. The proposed PRR connecting Bellary Road, Hosur Road, Bellary Road, and old Madras Road would enhance the Real Estate sector in this area. You are welcome to visit Sarjapura Road and acquire Prestige a property if you like to experience Premiums full of rich facilities for a life of complete enjoyment. Every buyer likes to live a life of ease combined with comfort in a dream house, and a few may actually find it tough to buy such good a premise in other well-developed locations than Sarjapur. The buyer who likes a superb urban living style will definitely find Sarjapur the right location.

Sales reservations from the Prestige Estates Projects increased by 9.0% year on year to Rs 1,123.3 crore in September, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, due to better demand in their residential properties. The immovable developer from Bengaluru reported that Rs 1,026.3 crore had been sold during the years. The sales booking of the prestige group decreased to Rs 1,584.4 in the first six months of the period from Rs 2,042.5, in the corresponding period of the previous year, according to the investors' presentation.

As of July, demand has progressively improved, in particular for players with a stronger track record of implementing real estate projects on schedule. Three new home projects were launched in April-September by the Prestige Group. The presentation claimed that in the first half of this fiscal year the rental revenue from leased commercial goods amounted at Rs 404 crore. At the conclusion of the second quarter, Prestige Group's net debt was Rs 8,667.6 crore with an average borrowing price of 9.65%.

In an attempt to considerably decrease its debt, the Prestige Group sells over 9,000 Crore to the global investor company Blackstone a major portfolio of its commercial goods – offices, commercial centres and hotels. Terms have already been agreed by the two parties and the agreement is expected to close next month. Prestige Estates projects announced that consolidated net profit for the quarter ended September decreased by 40 per cent at Rs 93,8 Crore. In the year-ago period it had reported a net profit of Rs 157.2. In the second quarter of current fiscal year, the total incomes amounted at Rs 1,916.7 crore, compared to Rs 1,962.7 crore for the time in yester year.

Prestige Group has completed 247 projects with a surface area of 134 million sq ft. The firm has completed 118 projects in the housing market and now develops 30 more. Prestige has finished a workspace of 36 million sq ft and is under development at 15 million sq ft. It has finalised 7 million cubic ft in the retail mall section and builds another 3 million cubic ft.

Did you know?

Sarjapur Road, nestled in the southeast part of Bengaluru, is one of the hottest favorites for real estate investors. Sheltering buzzing IT corridors of the city, this location has a proven record of high returns on real estate investments.


Prestige The City FAQ'S


Q1. Why Prestige Group?

Ans. Over the past decade, the prestige company has been firmly recognised by its indelible mark across all asset classes as one of India's leading and most prolific developers. Foundened in 86 and marshalled by his Brothers Rezwan Razack and Noaman Razack, the group's turnover today exceeds Rs 3518 Cr, a jerk that was motivated by CMD's Irfan Razack.The group has completed 247 projects with 134 million sft as from 30 June 2020. Currently, it has 45 projects of over 53 million sft, 56 min sft projects in the future and a ground bank with a possible 27-minute soft field. The group has 262 hectares of land. As at 30 June 2020, INR 84,021 mn is the company's market capital. For the quarter ended 30 June 2020, company sales are INR 12 963 Mn.Over time, the enterprise has diversified into many related/non-related offerings, each led by persons with adroit capability. Services are as diverse as Morph Design Corporation's interior design (MDC) and the redefinition of sophistication and gentleness of Prestige Fashions Ltd's masculine dressing. It is also the only South Indian developer with such a large-scale portfolio covering the home, business, retail, recreational and entertainment industries.The company is now expanding its expertise to major cities around the world, including Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore, Mangalore and Goa, with 205 major projects around the city. To offer each city a unique experience with the 'Forum' lines, major citys, tech parks, hotels, luxurious villas and SEZs. In Chennai, the company already has good, ongoing ventures in the commercial and retail segments

Q2. Why Buy The Prestige City?

Ans. The Prestige City apartments have been built with comfort and protection by the best in the industry. The methodology will also be an interesting part of the project. A customer-oriented attitude to the facilities by embracing people goes a long way. Ultimately, citizens could create profitable ties and maximum accountability.The project includes 2 3- and 4-bedroom flats, exclusive villas and plots. This mixed pre-launch residential housing project in Bangalore covers 180 hectares with plenty of greenery, and makes this a safer place to live. Ittangur's The Prestige City is still being approved by RERA. The new project will have splendid facilities for a comfortable life.

Q3. Details of The Prestige City?

Ans. On Request

Q4. What is the Construction Status of the Project?

Ans. Pre Launch.

Q5. What is the exact location of the Project?

Ans. Sy. No. 12, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Rd, Ittangur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562125

Q6. Upcoming developments near the Property?

Ans. In the town of Bangalore the BMRDA proposes to construct 734 kilometres of ring roads. Satellite Town Ring roads, Intermediate ring roads and radial roads are being established by the Authority. The satellite town circular road (2,84 km) connects major satellite cities, such as Gudemaaranahalli, Tattikere, Kanakapura, Ramanagaram and Magadi, according to the plans published on the launch of the BMRDA land survey here on Monday. On Monday, Satellite Town Ring Road (284 km).The Intermediate Ring Road (188 km) circumscribes Tattekere, Harohalli, Bidadi, Thippagondanahalli, beyond the planned BDA Peripheral Road (110 km). Devanahalli, Nallur, Sarjapur, Hoskote and Nelamangali. The current Outer Ring Route and the planned BDA Peripheral Road and the proposed BMRDA Intermediate Ring Road and Satellite Town Ring Road would be connected by Radical roads (262 km).

Q7. What is the ROI in The Prestige City?

Ans. In linking major areas, Sarjapur Road plays the most important role. It is thus a famous residential development location. IT hubs such as Whitefield, Electronic Zone, Marathalli, Koramangala and Outer Ring Street have decent connectivity to Sarjapur. Whitefield is now the most sought after commercial as well as residential area. Electronic city houses many IT businesses and Industrial Areas. The neighbourhood is situated very close to major IT parks, hospitals, schools and colleges. It's just around 1 30 hours drive from the Kempegowda International Airport through the SH 35. The transit is simplified by a new metro line.The price size of the Sarjapur Road residential property is Rs. 4,500 per Feet Square to Rs. 8,500 per Feet Square. The mean quota ranges roughly from Rs.5000 to Rs.6000 per Square Feet. According to the recent survey results, Rs 4 512 per square metre are the lowest locality price reported, and Rs 8 200 per square metre are the highest locality price recorded. Due to its near proximity to major IT-ITES-BT parks in the city, Sarjapur Road gives many reasons to invest in this area.Residential buildings such as flats, studios and self-catering residences are decent rent rates. Within the Sarjapur Road area, the social environment of the region has attracted the city to make residential investments. The region offers quick value for money and is without doubt one of the city's best investing destinations.

Q8. Is the project RERA Approved?

Ans. Yes, The Prestige City is a RERA Approved Project in Sarjapura, Ittangur.

Q9. What is the Possession Date?

Ans. On Request

Q10. Any nearby Metro Stations to the project?

Ans. On Request

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How do you reach The Prestige City from Kanakapura Road?

The Prestige City is located on the Sarjapur road connecting Kanakapura to Kanakapura road or NH948 to the pipeline route. Turn left and follow the NH48 road onto The Prestige City. The Prestige City turn left. Take the road on the right and follow the service road. Follow the restaurant Pallavi on the left. Continue right on Shantipura main road, turn left again on Huskur road, turn left on Dommasandra-Huskur road, turn right into Ambalipura - Sarjapura road at Muthanallur intersection. Take V.Kallahalli Highway to the left and turn right to the right where you are headed.

Why Sarjapur is such a booming area?

Sarjapur Road is currently one of Bangalore's most desirable property markets. In the region, there is enormous demand for immobilised properties by both investors and purchasers. Sarjapur Road is becoming the centre for increasing growth in IT firms, MNCs and multinationals. With the establishment of numerous offices and IT parks this region was rapidly developing. The large highways, freshly built flyovers and planned extension of the metro network will significantly improve connectivity and transport in the future. As Bangalore's prominent locations such as Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, Koramangala and HSR Layout have gotten crowded, Sarjapur Road is the main development destination in the heart of those places. It is one of the main locations to be examined at where all of the city's top areas are properly connected.

Sarjapur Road has a great deal to offer, whether you wish to buy a home for investment. Sarjapur features everything from the various flats to villas and penthouses. The Vivansaa Group has many projects in its portfolio, offering villas, penthouses and flats of all kinds in the vicinity of the Sarjapur Attibele Road, Bangalore. You may thus reserve your house with us at once; and we guarantee that it will be one of the greatest places of your life!

Nearby locations that connects with Sarjapur Road

The need for Sarjapur Road developments like The Prestige City is rising considerably over time and the main raison is the excellent connection benefits that can be derived from investing in Sarjapur Road. Let's look at a few important connection drivers: Roads link Sarjapur to shopping centres such Bannerghatta and Koramangala. Efficient Hosur Road connection, NICE Road is easily accessible, as well as Outer Ring Road, The University Road in Bangalore may be easily accessible.

All the Social Amenities near Sarjapur Road in a Nutshell The Social Infrastructure is regarded as a crucial driver in conjunction with specific IT firms when we speak about Sarjapur's growth outlook. Some points for better comprehension are as follows:

Instances of education: reputable institutions of formation, such as the Indus International School, the International Silver Oaks School, the Oakridge International School and the Inventure Academy.

Shopping: A number of commercial malls, including Market Square Mall, Bangalore Central Mall, Total Mall, Forum Mall, Garuda Shopping Mall, One MG Road Mall, Gopalan Innovation Mall and many more, have been developed near this region in order to shopping.

Hotels: Some renowned hotels, such as Octave Hotel & Spa, Treebo Orchard Greens, The Ritz Charlton, The Leela Palace and Ibis Hotel, have a branch in this fantastic location.

Hospitals: There are many hospital centres, including the Dr. Levine Memorial Hospital and the Motherhood Hospita with Janani Hospital and Punarjani Ayurvedic Hospital, which are accessible from Sarjapur Street.

Entertainment and entertainment: from here you can never be bored as PVR Cinemas Forum Mall, Gopalan Cinemas Innovation Mall and Galaxy Paradise Theater will be at your disposal.

Restaurants: You will have dinner at The Black Pearl, Fisherman's Wharf and many more.